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Pimapen Window Usage

How should Pimapen windows and doors be used?

How should Pimapen Windows be used?

As Hatüpen Window and Door Systems, we kindly ask you to pay attention to the following usage and maintenance rules in order to use your windows and doors without any problems for a long time.

Use of Single Opening Windows and Balcony Doors

This accessory is opened and closed using the handle on the window sash. If the handle is pointing down, the window is in the closed (normal) position. Only in such a closed position do the technical characteristics of the window (water and air tightness, heat insulation, sound insulation) occur. To open the window sash, turn the handle 90º to the horizontal position and open the sash that is free of the lock. To close the window, push the sash into the frame and return the handle to the closed (normal) position.

Using Transom Accessory Windows

The windows with transom accessories are also moved by means of a handle mounted on the window sash. The handle is in the horizontal position with the window closed. The window is locked in this position. To open the sash, turn the handle 90º to the upright position and pull the sash from the handle slightly to the opening position. To close the window, push the sash into the frame and return the handle to the horizontal (closed) position.

In particular, on large wings and special shaped wings (triangular or circular), you must press the sash frame with your empty hand. If the window has a transom lock instead of the handle, open the sash by pulling the lock handle downwards. To close, push the sash into place to close the transom lock.


Window sash is held by transom shears. You can remove this shears when you want to clean your window. When reinstalling the shears, make sure that it snaps into place. If the shears do not fit fully, the sash will open more than it should in the next opening and cause injury.

Use of Double Opening Windows and Balcony Doors

The double opening window is an accessory combining single sash opening and transom opening. Move the handle to the horizontal position to open the sash and to the normal position to close the sash. To open the sash in the transom position, turn the handle 180º from the normal position until the handle is pointing up and pull the sash slightly to the transom position. To close, push the sash back into the frame and return the handle to the normal position. Particularly in large sashes, you have to press with the empty hand from the frame of the sash. Since the accessory of the sash can work properly when the handle is in the above-mentioned positions, make sure that the handle is in the specified positions and that it is not in an intermediate position other than these positions. With the sash in the spaced position, the handle can remain in the intermediate position. In such a case you do not have to worry. The case-sash shears will also keep the sash in this position. First, move the handle to the transom position and push the sash. In this case, the upper part of the sash is seated and the lower part is not yet. In the next step, the handle is moved to the open (horizontal) position and the sash is pushed, finally the handle is closed and the window is locked.

Use of Double Sash Windows and Balcony Doors

If your windows and doors are without middle mast and have two wings, the first opening of the sash (the wing with the window handle) is like the single opening or double opening accessories described above. The wing to be opened secondly has a sliding locking system. You can open the sash by pulling the opening / closing handle of the slider locking system or the upper and lower latches. When closing the window again, make sure that the bolts are fully engaged. Do not close the slide handles with the sashes open. When closing the window, first close the sash with the bolt, then the sash with the handle.


Do not close the other sash with the flap fitted.

Use of Sliding Windows and Doors

This accessory works by moving to the left and right on the horizontal axis with the help of the handle on the window sash. If the window handle is pointing down, the window is closed. To open the window sash, turn the handle 90º to the horizontal position and drive the sash. Sliding doors can be opened and closed and locked from inside and outside. Handle, arm or protruding arm is attached on the wing.

Use of Locked Doors

In order to achieve the required sealing values and in particular against theft, the door must be kept locked. If the doors are not locked, the door handle is opened by pressing down. In order to lock your door correctly, you need to know which type of lock is applied. Types of these locks;

  • The door can be locked from the key on the handle. If the key slot is inside, the door is locked.
  • The door can be locked with both the handle and the key. First, the handle is raised as far as it can go so that the additional locks snap into place and the door is locked with the key.
  • The door can only be locked with the key. The door is locked by turning the key clockwise. It is turned on by turning in the opposite direction.

Use of Special Accessory Windows and Doors

Apart from the accessories mentioned above, Pimapen has many door and window accessories. If you are using one of these special accessories, please call our dealers if you have problems with the maintenance and use of them.


In addition to manufacturing and installing Pimapen window and door series in Ankara and surrounding cities, we are also a distributor of Respilon Window Membrane, Sercair Air Purifier and SDS Plisse Fly Screen products.

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