Isıcam Konfor

You can control the solar radiation to the desired extent as well as protectiong the temperature of your home with Isıcam Konfor. Isıcam Konfor decreases heat loss by 50% when compared with Standard Insulating Glass. Therefore effective thermal insulation in winter is provided and heating expenses are reduced. It also decreases solar heat gains by 40% when compared with Standard Insulating Glass. Therefore it keeps cooler in summer and cooling expenses are reduced. Isıcam Konfor does not compromise on light while providing heat and solar control. Eliminates cold spots in winter and hot spots in summer close to windows. Isıcam Konfor delays the condensation that occurs on the glass surface when compared to Standard Insulating Glass. Initial investment cost is paid back in 1 to 2 years by providing both heating and cooling energy savings.

Reduce heat loss by 50% with Isıcam Konfor!

Isıcam Konfor

Performance Values

Isıcam Konfor Performance Values

Advantages of Isıcam

Trakya Cam provides its thermal insulation products to the market with Isıcam brand.

Isıcam, contrary to popular belief, is not an alias of double glazing; it is a registered trademark of Trakya Cam.

Isıcam is produced in the plants of licensed Isıcam producers which are audited regularly by Trakya Cam.

Isıcam branded products are warranted for a period of 10 years against production failures by the authorized Isıcam manufacturers.

Isıcam brand assures the followings; glass and subsidiary materials are used in appropriate quality and quantity, the production is constantly under appropriate conditions, and modern technologies are used.

Which Isıcam Should I Choose?

Deciding on which Isıcam to be used depends on the geographical location and the location of the house. There is a special Isıcam for every climate and need. Isıcam Sinerji is recommended to use for only in heated places whereas Isıcam Konfor is recommended to use for both in heated and cooled places. Isıcam Sinerji is suitable to use in cold climate zones like the Eastern Anatolia region. Isıcam Konfor is suitable to use in temperate climate zones like Marmara and in hot climate zones like the Aegean and Mediterranean regions.

Which Isıcam Should I Choose?


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