Pimapen Color Covering

Desired aesthetic appearance is achieved on the surfaces of Pimapen profiles by using laminate foils in various designs and colors which satisfies the demand from users for wood-looking Pimapen. The foils of Renolit, one of the Europe's leading firms, are used to provide coated systems which are in a completely natural look of wood. The coationg process is meticulously processed in special facilities by using special bonding materials and by heating foils and profiles. A special film layer is applied on the outer surface of foils to not to be affected by external factors such as rain, sun and cold and climate conditions. This film layer provides longevity without a change in the appearance of profiles aesthetically.

Colored Pimapen-Golden Oak

Golden Oak

Colored Pimapen-Antique Oak

Antique Oak

Colored Pimapen-Anthracite Gray

Anthracite Gray

Colored Pimapen-Hazelnut


Colored Pimapen-Silver


Colored Pimapen-Cream


Colored Pimapen-Ash Black

Ash Black

Colored Pimapen-Mahogany


Colored Pimapen-Mink


Colored Pimapen-Winchester


Colored Pimapen-Metallic Silver

Metallic Silver

Colored Pimapen-Metallic Anthracite Gray

Metallic Anthracite Gray

Colored Pimapen-Turkish Oak

Turkish Oak


In addition to producing and installing Pimapen series, we are a distributor of SDS Plisse Fly Screen Systems and Sur Security Door products (only in multistory projects).