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Pimapen Dynamic Sliding

A brand new experience in the sliding system with the Pimapen Dynamic Sliding series...

Pimapen Dynamic Sliding Series

Pimapen Dynamic Sliding Series provide a high level of water, air and sound insulation thanks to the elastic gaskets in gray and black that do not leave stains.

Dynamic Sliding Profile
System Features
Color Options
Pimapen Dynamic Sürme
  • Frame profile is 149 mm wide, 65 mm high and has 6 chambers.
  • The sash profile is designed in 76 mm wide, with 5 chambers and 20 axles.
  • The meeting rail profile is 76 mm wide and has 5 chambers.
  • High air, water, sound and dust insulation is provided by the gray and black stain-free elastic seals used in the system.
  • In addition to white, there are laminated profiles with 13 different colors and patterns.
  • Thanks to the special design rails, profile glass combinations give the product an aesthetic appearance.
  • There are rails allowing the use of double-glass, three-glass and panels of 24-30-36-44 mm in width.
  • High sealing performance of the system; this is made possible by wheels running on two axes, movable guide pins, locking elements and an elastic seal with continuous pressure.
  • Specially designed PVC and aluminum profiles are kept to a minimum level for quick and easy production.
  • The Dynamic Sliding System is advantageous over other systems with its ease of use and low maintenance costs.
  • The Dynamic Sliding System features high thermal insulation even in extreme weather conditions.
Renkli Pimapen-Altın Meşe

Golden Oak

Renkli Pimapen-Antik Meşe

Antique Oak

Renkli Pimapen-Antrasit Gri

Anthracite Gray

Renkli Pimapen-Fındık


Renkli Pimapen-Gümüş


Renkli Pimapen-Krem


Renkli Pimapen-Kül Siyahı

Ash Black

Renkli Pimapen-Maun


Renkli Pimapen-Vizon


Renkli Pimapen-Winchester


Renkli Pimapen-Palamut Meşe

Turkish Oak

Renkli Pimapen-Metalik Gümüş

Metallic Silver

Renkli Pimapen-Metalik Antrasit Gri

Metallic Anthracite Gray


In addition to manufacturing and installing Pimapen window and door series in Ankara and surrounding cities, we are also a distributor of Respilon Window Membrane, Sercair Air Purifier and SDS Plisse Fly Screen products.

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