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Respilon Window Membrane

Capture particles of smog, dust and pollen...

Respilon Air Window Membrane

Entering with air through the windows; dust, pollen, soot, smoke, mold, various bacteria and viruses threaten our health. In such cases, experts recommend keeping the windows closed rather than ventilating the house. Respilon Air Window Membrane which is produced nano technologically as a result of long researches, does not pass the organic or inorganic particles carried in the air through the pores.

Respilon Air Window Membrane which is easily installed to home and office windows, school, hospital and nursery windows, children's rooms, elderly rooms, room windows of sick people and allergy sufferers provides a clean and healthy air to your living spaces.

For detailed information about Respilon Air Window Membrane, you can visit our RESPILON TURKEY page, or click here for the Product Brochure.

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In addition to manufacturing and installing Pimapen window and door series in Ankara and surrounding cities, we are also a distributor of Respilon Window Membrane, Sercair Air Purifier and SDS Plisse Fly Screen products.

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