Hatüpen Introductory Video

Albatros Sliding Manufacturing Process

Atabilge İncek Houses Sub-Frame Loading

Respilon Air Permeability Test

Respilon Air Filtration Test

Respilon Air Waterproofing Test

Atabilge Aka Konutları Pimapen Application

Automatic Pvc Profile Cutting and Processing Center

Automatic Door Window Assembly Desk

Sash Hinge Binding Machine

Fidanlar Const. Pimapen / Deck Applications

Tepe Prefabric Pimapen Shipment

Automatic Alignment Chock Mounting Machine

SDS Plisse Fly Screen

SDS Plisse Curtain

Double Glazing-Heat Insulation


In addition to producing and installing Pimapen series, we are a distributor of SDS Plisse Fly Screen Systems and Sur Security Door products (only in multistory projects).