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How should Pimapen windows and doors be cleaned?

How should Pimapen Window Cleaning be Performed?

In addition to the countless advantages of Pimapen, you should also pay attention to several points.

Window Protection and Cleaning During Construction

The window must always be covered with a painter's film (masking tape) during any work where contamination of the windows is unavoidable (eg plaster, painting, concrete work, etc.). Any contamination, especially from mortar and construction materials, should be removed immediately without scraping. Otherwise, these materials will deform the profile and glass surface and cause it to matt.

Do not work near the window with heat-welding tools (welding machine etc.). These can cause irreparable damage to the window frame and glass. After the construction work is finished, clean the water drain holes of your windows with the help of the pointed tip of the vacuum cleaner and then with a damp cloth. Make sure that the water drain hole is not blocked. Keeping them clear from time to time will ensure better results. Clean the profile protection tapes and the manufacturer's stickers on the window.

The first cleaning of the window should be done with plenty of water. Otherwise, dust and sand particles that are stuck may form scratches on the surface.

Protective tapes on the window should be removed after the installation process is finished. If the building is still under construction (plaster, paint, whitewash, etc.), the protective tapes should not be removed until the construction is finished to prevent damage to the window surfaces. The tapes will weld to the window surface when exposed to sunlight for a long time. In this case, a heater that blows hot air (hair dryer etc.) should be held on the protective tape at a distance of 10-15 cm for about 1 minute and the protective tape should be removed before cooling.

Do not expose the protection tapes to sunlight for a long time.

Periodic Cleaning of Pimapen Windows

Chemical plants around us (factories, refineries, waste water treatment plants, etc.), dirty streams, various gases from the chimneys of houses and establishments that use unqualified coal, soot, smoke, dust, steam etc. cause air pollution. Particularly during the winter months and increasingly, inside the outer walls of the apartments, behind the furniture, damp areas and mold spots are visible. In more advanced stages, mold fungi emerge rapidly and a mold odor spreads. Moisture caused by the ambient conditions inside your apartment (stove or heater, cooking, laundry, dish washing, drying, water vapor emitted from the bathroom, the flowers we grow, etc.) occurs in cold places and surfaces, especially in the internal walls of external walls with poor thermal insulation, columns and beams. Internal and external negative factors mentioned above can be combined with other factors (sun, oxygen, water) and cause contamination on the window. This can be seen in all types of windows. Contamination may be on the inner surface of your window or on the outer surface. The frequency and rate of contamination may vary from region to region, from building to building, from place to place, from room to room, or not at all. It can be seen in a very long time or in a very short time. They depend entirely on external factors.

For normal cleaning of windows, use abrasive-free liquid or cream detergents and clean with a white soft cloth. The inside and outside of the window should be applied several times, such as wiping the glass with a cloth dampened with detergent, and then dried without pressing. In order to minimize the damages caused by external factors, the inner and outer surfaces of the windows should be cleaned in average 15 days. The longer the cleaning process is delayed, the more difficult it is to clean the window and the adverse situation on it increases due to air pollution. Do not use acetone, methylene chloride, thinner, kerosene, petrol, diesel, etc. solvent, such as powder or liquid detergents containing solid particles (particles), cleaning wire, sanding materials such as abrasive for window cleaning.

During cleaning, contact of metal equipment (espagnolette, locking part etc.) with soap and water should be avoided and in case of contact it should be dried immediately. In the event of intense contamination, the surface must first be wiped with a bleach cleaner. A white clean cloth should be soaked with bleach and rubbed over the dirty surfaces several times. When contamination is removed, the window should be dried and then the normal cleaning of the window should be done as described above. After all the processes have been completed, a light liquid detergent should be poured onto a cloth to apply a very thin, wet layer to the window surface to delay contamination. The surface must not be dried after this last treatment. The cleaning of coated and painted Pimapen should be done once or twice to remove dust on the surface only with liquid detergent and moistened cloth, without excessive pressure.

Glass Cleaning

It is best done with hot water and a clean cloth. If the glasses are very dirty, some detergent may also be added to the water.

Special cleaning instructions apply to double glazing with a special coating on the outside (eg sun protection glass). If you need these instructions, you can ask your dealer for help. The use of abrasive, embossing care and polishing materials during the use of glasses is inconvenient. Likewise, the use of scissors and razors is inconvenient as it will create scratches on the surface. If you have any questions or problems with your glasses, we recommend that you inform your authorized glass manufacturer.

Double glazing can be installed instead of single glazing by simply replacing the glazing beads. You can use the ventilation profile in your joinery by changing your glasses.


In addition to manufacturing and installing Pimapen window and door series in Ankara and surrounding cities, we are also a distributor of Respilon Window Membrane, Sercair Air Purifier and SDS Plisse Fly Screen products.

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