The address of Pimapen in Ankara

Video Gallery

Hatüpen Window and Door Systems Video Gallery

Hatüpen Introductory Video

Albatros Sliding Manufacturing Process

Atabilge İncek Houses Sub-Frame Loading

Respilon Air Permeability Test

Respilon Air Filtration Test

Respilon Air Waterproofing Test

Atabilge Aka Konutları Pimapen Application

Automatic Profile Cutting / Processing Center

Automatic Door Window Assembly Desk

Sash Hinge Binding Machine

Fidanlar Const. Pimapen / Deck Applications

Tepe Prefabric Pimapen Shipment

Automatic Alignment Chock Mounting Machine

SDS Plisse Fly Screen

SDS Plisse Curtain

Double Glazing-Heat Insulation


In addition to manufacturing and installing Pimapen window and door series in Ankara and surrounding cities, we are also a distributor of Respilon Window Membrane, Sercair Air Purifier and SDS Plisse Fly Screen products.

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