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Pimapen Infinity Hebe-Schiebe

Provides ease of use for very wide and high spaceswithout sacrificing from scenery and insulation...

Pimapen Infinity Hebe-Schiebe Series

Pimapen New Infinity Lift Sliding System offers the users an ideal solution combining the easy-to use, comfort, safety and insulation for wide and high spaces without compromising the insulation and view.

Infinity Hebe-Schiebe Profile
System Features
Color Options
Pimapen Infinity
  • There are options for PVC and Aluminum base frames. It is possible to use Aluminum base frames with heat insulation barrier in such case low threshold is desired.
  • Sash profile is of 76 mm in width and 4 cubicles.
  • Sash profile is of 76 mm in width and 4 cubicles.
  • Due to specially designed gaskets, tightness components and the operating principle of the system, it provides a high level of heat, air, water and dust insulation.
  • Its resistance to the wind loads is high due to the large support cubicle on the sash profile.
  • It is possible to make sashes of 3 meters in width and 300 kg in weight. Thus, it allows wide glass clearances creating offering more spacious spaces.
  • It is possible to make applications with 2, 3 and 4 sashes.
  • In addition to white, there are laminated profiles with 17 different colors and patterns.
  • Due to its specially designed fluted and oval edge rails, it allows eye-catching, aesthetic joints between the profile and the glass.
  • There are rails allowing the use of single-glass, double-glass, three-glass and panels from 4 mm to 39 mm in width.
Renkli Pimapen-Altın Meşe

Golden Oak

Renkli Pimapen-Antik Meşe

Antique Oak

Renkli Pimapen-Antrasit Gri

Anthracite Gray

Renkli Pimapen-Fındık


Renkli Pimapen-Gümüş


Renkli Pimapen-Krem


Renkli Pimapen-Kül Siyahı

Ash Black

Renkli Pimapen-Maun


Renkli Pimapen-Vizon


Renkli Pimapen-Winchester


Renkli Pimapen-Palamut Meşe

Turkish Oak

Renkli Pimapen-Metalik Gümüş

Metallic Silver

Renkli Pimapen-Metalik Antrasit Gri

Metallic Anthracite Gray


In addition to manufacturing and installing Pimapen window and door series in Ankara and surrounding cities, we are also a distributor of Respilon Window Membrane, Sercair Air Purifier and SDS Plisse Fly Screen products.

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